1. Initial Stop Self Sabotages Assessment

This will determine what level of self sabotages you have, if any (Please note all fields are mandatory).

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Evaluate the following statements.*

Que. No. Evaluate the following statements.* Never Very rarely Rarely Occasionally Very frequently Always
1You fail over and over again in your health and weight goals
2You fail over and over again in your career/business goals
3You fail over and over again in your relationship goals
4You always get close to the goal but don’t ever achieve it – ‘always a bridesmaid, never a bride’
5You reach the goal and then lose all interest in keeping it
6You feel uncomfortable, anxious or worried about a recent success. You can’t enjoy it. Comfort returns when you give it away
7You tell yourself, ‘I don’t deserve it.’
8You tell yourself, ‘I can’t do it.’
9You deny responsibility for your own life – you blame others
10You don’t believe you can have the prize or dream you want; you give up without really going for it
11You consistently settle for less than what you really want
12As you get close to the goal, a fatal flaw (like alcoholism, depression or perfectionism) creates a negative outcome
13You don’t want to be or do better than your parents, your spouse or your friends
14You are a rescuer and give up your own desires to help others, thereby never reaching your goals